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Bien venue! French Grey Sea Salt is my love.


Making it extraordinaryy is my passion!



Tess is a cuisinière who lives a double life, one in Washington DC and one in a small village in the Languedoc-Rousillon, France, and she loves to share them both with her guests. The Washington DC home is filled with French culture and art. Although I'm only two blocks from the NOMA metro stop, you will feel like you are in a sophisticated French bistro when you eat with Tess. When at home in the Languedoc, Tess loves to shop village markets and cook. After taking many cooking classes over the years in DC and France, and being passionate about La Vie Francaise the chef life chose Tess. Tess also teaches cooking and home canning classes. Her goal is to provide a true French experience that you will always remember. Bon appetit!





Curated Classes

From pickling to braising chicken Tess will provide you with an approachable method to cooking with laughter and French techniques.


Private Dinners

Relax and explore the Languedoc cuisine and culture through the eyes of Tess and her menu.


Cured salts

Bring Tess and the Languedoc to your next dinner to ensure a wow with every bite.

The food was amazing with Tess as our very talented and knowledgeable Chef whom is an exquisite person! Tess made you feel so welcome and at ease. Her willingness to provide an in depth history of each selection of goodness served, made them so much more enjoyable to savor ... YUM!!! She presented each layer of the main course in a manner that made you feel like you helped her prepare it. Once we all gathered at the dinner table to feast for hours, with every delicacy you were transported to each region of France that it was borne from because Tess continued to share the history of why a utensil is used or a selection of cheese is served, to how the presentation of a specific menu item came to be in the French history of traditionalism. Wonderful experience and can’t wait to dine with her and all the amazing people I met at this event. Need a gettway without leaving Columbus, come eat at Tess’s home to be transported to France for a beautiful evening filled with delicacies, memories and laughter !!! Thanks so much Tess.
— Charisse Ricciuti