The Gourmet Salt Blends Company

After owning a home in France for many years, I grew to appreciate the difference flavored salts make in cooking. The best culinary salts are "wet-cured." Fresh garlic, rosemary, lemon peel, shallots and other ingredients are minced and mixed with pure sea salt. The salt is then cured by drying it at low heat for several hours. Metal is never used in the preparation or curing as salt can take on a metallic taste. The salt absorbs the fresh flavors of the ingredients as it cures resulting in intensely flavored salt with a beautiful aroma.  The concentrated flavor in Gourmet Salt Blends' wet cured salts means you can use less salt and get more flavor. 

The salts offered by Gourmet Salt Blends are are my tried and true favorites, perfected over time in my kitchens in Ohio and France. Whether cooking for one or ten, you will love the pure flavor Gourmet Salt Blends bring to your table. 

From my kitchen to yours ... Bon appetit!